Tamka Hotel & Office

The building is located in the Warsaw City Center at Tamka street. Its rounded corners refer to the pre-war architecture of the Powiśle district where the building is located.

The building has a hotel and office function, which is complemented by a reception, bar and restaurant. It consists of two blocks. In the lower part is located the hotel. A taller block, facing the neighboring tenement house at ul. Bartoszewicz, has an office function.

The hotel consists of 189 rooms, including 6 for the disabled, 5 apartments and 10 rooms with possibility of joining in two-room apartments. The office part was designed as „open space” ,which can accomodate 450 people.

ul. Tamka, Warszawa
in progress
Authors’ team:
Eliza Kalata, Szymon Kalata