District Court in Siedlce

Architectural form of the designed building is a result of the analysis of the location, function and a possibility of introducing new spatial quality in this area. A new headquarters of a District Court was located on the suburbs in between two different zones: single-family housing and service buildings.

The aim of the designed two-storey building on a square plan, was to organize the existing surrounding. Two level main hall, which is a central part of the building opens to internal, green patios.

Classic architectural and urban elements as a square before building, pillars and cornices are emphasizing the range of the building. The facade was designed with economical and elegant materials- glass and concrete. The structure, facade and internal communication is module-based, which clarifying an architectural form and functional layout. The project basing on module allows the use of concrete prefabricated facade elements.

ul. Kazimierzowska, Siedlce
competition design
Honorable Mention in the national architectural competition
Authors' team:
Eliza Kalata, Szymon Kalata, Andrzej Kikowski, Miłosz Wiesiołek, Jan Chwedczuk