SDK building is located in between housing estate from 1970s and a park. The park is an important place for local commuity, that is why the project assumed developing its public function and connecting it with a house of culture.

The location of the building and its social function determined the open form of the house of culture. The basic design assumption was to create open spaces connected with the Służewiecka Valley, which may positively affect the integration of young people and stimulating their creativity.

The lobby, foyer, gallery and cafe were designed in the form of a passage - a common large space between classrooms, auditorium and administrative part. Rounded corners of  concrete internal walls, which are also building constructions, cause a smooth flow of space and the connection of the park with the building, which becomes a part of the surrounding landscape.

ul. Jana Sebastiana Bacha, Warszawa
competition design
3rd prize in the national architectural competition
Authors' team:
Szymon Kalata, Mikołaj Mundzik, Andrzej Kikowski, Miłosz Wiesiołek