Model housing for the program Mieszkanie Plus

A competition project of a multi-family house for the Mieszkanie Plus program. The main idea was to design a housing estate that would create a new quality and architectural standard for the residents. A designed system cosnsists of two types of buildings: A and B. Depending on the location of the investment area, they can be joined in many different ways. This solustion allows to generate many possible variants( A, B, AA, BB, AB, BA).

The shape of buildings allows them to be located in such way, that  between are created the common spaces- small squares of diverse character. Depends of community, it could be a playgorund for children, thematic garden, a sports square, a space with a terrace and a shared barbecue, a place for meetings and rest or a zone for seniors.

theoretical plot
competition design
Authors' team:
Eliza Kalata, Szymon Kalata